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theatro • marketing intern | summer 2019

automated email workflow through hubspot customer relations management system

theatro is a hardware + software tech startup that serves fortune 500 retailers such as walgreens, container store, total wine, and more


understanding the customer journey is a key part in helping shorten the sales cycle and nurture relationships that could otherwise become lost.
during my internship at theatro, a series c software solution startup for retailers (like walgreens and the container store), i created a series of 15 emails through hubspot's customer relationship management system that automatically quantified and nurtured leads during key touchpoints in the customer journey.

multiple versions were created for each industry theatro interacts with whether it be retail, casinos, etc. each email workflow tracked key touch points such as newsletter sign up or other customer interactions like filling out a form on a landing page in a campaign.

welcome email example

May-06-2020 22-00-33.gif

additional collateral created during internship

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May-06-2020 22-05-34.gif

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