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CCIMS McCombs Case Challenge • Sponsored by Samsung | October 2022

#AllYou Strategy for Samsung Mobile

Brand Positioning

MBA Marketing Fellows and MS Marketing students compete annually in a case competition hosted by McCombs. My team placed third overall and placed first within our program. I also received an award for Best Presenter.

The Competition

Each year, the Center for Consumer Insight and Marketing Solutions at McCombs hosts the Texas McCombs Marketing Conference. During 2022, Samsung Mobile USA sponsored. Out of 7 total teams (7 MSM and 10 MBA), my team ranked 3rd among all teams and ranked 1st among our program (MSM). Additionally, I was awarded a best presenter award!

The Challenge

  • What can Samsung do strategically to increase the consideration of its Galaxy portfolio with Gen-Z women?

  • Which devices should Samsung prioritize to drive consideration?

  • What impact could this have on the adoption of Samsung’s mobile enhancement portfolio?

Our Presentation

Main Conclusions


Target One Segment

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z has no mainstream culture. Therefore, we need to identify a segment or segments to individually target. Based on our analysis, within Gen Z Girls, the Gen Z Girl Gamer has the highest potential and alignment with Samsung's product portfolio.


Emerging Market

Samsung's mobile portfolio is already mature, meaning that almost all Gen Z Girls already have a phone. To break into the market, targeting wireless audio is the most ideal because it is an emerging market.


Current Positioning

We took a look at the brand positioning of Samsung's Galaxy Buds and noticed there was a potential new market of wireless audio for gaming that no other major competitors are posed to tap into. This is something we can solve with branding.


Proposed Campaign

We propose a campaign called #AllYou. This campaign will drive consideration by driving awareness through sponsored streams of influencers and then create interest with interviews of influencers on Samsung's Twitch channel.


Break Into Niche & Conquer

By using earbuds as a stepping stone to build brand equity, we can decrease the switching cost. Ultimately, it doesn't end with Gen Z Girl Gamers. We can repeat this same strategy to other Gen Z segments. Getting each segment to switch will eventually break the competitor's network effects that currently limit customers to switch to Samsung products.

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