Personal Projects

What I do in my free time or in class.

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Brand Strategy
Product Development

During my junior year of undergrad, I took Brand Management with Professor Brister. My team and I spent the semester conducting research and developing recommendations for Charmin centered around creating a new product to target changing consumer preferences and family structures. We received the first 100% in the course's history.


For my Photographic Communication class, I was tasked with finding a unique person within the Austin community to interview. I compiled a photo story on Shawna Lee, a volunteer at Mission Possible, and pieced together both an audio & photo narrative surrounding her experience.

Social Media

Starting My Own Calligraphy Business

What first started as a hobby, turned into a business of sorts. Friends started asking me for commissions and eventually, it evolved to Calligraudrey (calligraphy + Audrey); a platform for me to raise money for causes, teach others, and even practice my business skills.

Visual Art

Pieces from my calligraphy business or just for fun. Created using brush pens, acrylic paint, etc.

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