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theatro • marketing intern under mckenna michel, svp of marketing | summer 2020

evergreen curbside campaign to generate sales leads

theatro is a hardware + software tech startup that serves fortune 500 retailers such as walgreens, container store, total wine, and more


the problem 

being a startup, theatro had started the beginnings of a robust blog, ideas + insights page, and repostings of mentions in the news. historically, maintaining three separate resource pages, multiple social media channels, and more was taking up lots of time and energy from the marketing team.

the start of a new marketing strategy

the idea: to create a year long webinar campaign that would naturally generate reusable evergreen content surrounding the main pain points retailers face. highlighting these pain points would instinctively draw in leads for the sales team and direct straight to the main selling proposition.

the process

  1. deciding content to cover based on the state of the retail industry

  2. creating a new design style

  3. designing email series + writing social media posts

  4. day of webinar execution

  5. follow up with webinar leads

  6. creating evergreen content (ebooks, guides, blog posts, etc.)

deciding content to cover based on the state of the retail industry

this was to be theatro's first webinar of a year long series hosted in partnership with intel's iot solutions alliance. before designing or creating content, we first needed to solidify theatro's selling proposition. 

due to it being a year long campaign, we defined 12 selling propositions or topics to cover (1 for each month) that we labeled as evergreen content; meaning no matter the season or time, these topics would draw in potential customers.

at the time, covid-19 was just beginning. the entire retail industry had faced a large shift in the month of march. retailers across the country were stopping in store purchases and transitioning to social distanced pickups and online orders seemingly overnight. retailers that weren't already investing in curbside now saw an intense need for it. therefore, we decided to prioritize curbside operations, especially its role during a pandemic and the previous retailer aversion to curbside and bopis (buy online pick up in store) initiative investments.

creating a design style

being a startup, theatro had only loosely defined its brand style. this allowed for large flexibility in how we would come to define the design style of theatro and the webinar series. i compiled research on current design styles of the varying industries theatro serves and of its competition (retail, technology, b2b, etc.) and drew conclusions on how theatro should move forward in communicating through its design without having to change its logo or key colors.

note: although a more modern look was preferred moving forward, we had to keep in mind we did not have the resources or time to create an entire rebrand. we combined our current branding structure with our new inspirations to transition eventually to a full rebrand.


the new inspiration, leaning toward a more modern and futuristic look, moving away from flat vector cartoons that may have been modern, but did not imply innovative.

option 1 horizontal2-01.png

the previous designs lacked a 3d element, and were isometric in nature. they did communicate a "friendly" element which retailers would aim to be and resonate with. however, theatro is a tech resource for retailers and should be rebranded as innovative more than being friendly.

i was in charge of communicating with our graphic designer to create a final design that showed a more innovative look.

the final product incorporated icons of theatro's various elements ranging from its hardware features to symbols that represented its software products. these icons made up a larger part of a vehicle, symbolizing how theatro would help with curbside. 
these same icons would be rearranged into new pictures for each new future webinar topic. 


designing email series + writing social media posts

in addition to being in charge of design and overall brand image, i was in charge of creating a series of emails and social posts to support the campaign.

i drafted pain points (profitability, bopis, curbside fulfillment, curbside delivery) under the evergreen topic of curbside operations to highlight throughout the campaign based on past consumer careabouts. each email and social post tapped into a specific pain point retailers may face.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 7.20.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 7.20.43 PM.png

day of webinar, lead follow up, creating evergreen content

after the webinar, i made a transcript to send out along with the recording to webinar attendees. i personally took the list of webinar attendees to analyze. i created a dashboard of the attendee data that was later presented by the svp of marketing at the quarterly board meeting showing our engagement rates on all social platforms and potential of this new webinar strategy.

using the foundational work from this first webinar, theatro developed a curbside service solution page housing ebooks, guides, and blog posts all created from the research and information found in the processing of creating this webinar for evergreen content that theatro continues to promote through social and use for generating sales leads today.

additional collateral created during internship


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