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Hobby • Summer 2018 - Present

Starting My Own Calligraphy Business

Social Media

What first started as a hobby, turned into a business of sorts. Friends started asking me for commissions and eventually, it evolved to Calligraudrey (calligraphy + Audrey); a platform for me to raise money for causes, teach others, and even practice my business skills.

I have created over 300 pieces that have travelled all over the United States from California, Utah, Michigan, New York, and more. My customers have ranged from college students to teachers to photographers! In 2019, I was selected to be a vendor at a local conference with 1,000+ attendees where I got to practice selling in person.

After I started to see my calligraphy business grow, I realized I could use my talent to motivate donations for social causes I connected with. To date, my hobby for calligraphy gave me a way to help raise over $2,200+ to donate to organizations like Mission Possible Austin or Modest Needs. 


Sample of Work

Teaching a Calligraphy Course (2019)

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